In May 2014 the CDE, hosted by think-tank partner Legatum, presented its findings to the organisations listed below as well as to policy makers, editors and business people.

Tuesday 13 May

Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Panel Discussion

An expert panel discussion on the report findings.

 Legatum Institute Panel Discussion

Discussion of the report to a select group of scholars, journalist and think-tank representatives.

Wednesday 14 May

Westminister Foundation Roundtable Discussion

Presentation of the report at Parliament.

 London School of Economics Panel Discussion

Discussion with the academic community to encourage the role of democracy in development.

Thursday 15 May

Financial Times Editorial Meeting

Presentation of the report to the editorial board of the Financial Times.

Friday 16 May

Meeting with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Meeting with senior people from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


This panel discussion brought together experts and representatives from the partner think tanks, including: Anne Applebaum (Legatum Institute in London), Ann Bernstein (Centre for Development and Enterprise in South Africa); Eswaran Sridharan (University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced Study of India in New Delhi); Simon Schwartzman (Institute of Labour and Society in Rio de Janeiro) and Adrian Wooldridge (The Economist).

More information and a detailed summary is available on the Legatum Institute website.